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5-on-5 Coaching Application

Coaching Applicants:

Thanks for applying!  KYB's Board of Directors will review your application for coaching, and if approved to coach, you will receive a link to complete your on-line background check through a secure server by Protect Youth Sports. As noted in the coaching application, a successful background check is REQUIRED to coach in KYB,

If you have already successfully completed a background check for this year's KYB 3-on-3 league (Fall 2023), you do not need to complete a background again for our 5-on-5 season. If you coached in KYB 5-on-5 last year (2022 -2023 season) and are not coaching in the Fall 2023 KYB 3-on-3 league, you will need to successfully complete another background, as this is an annual requirement of KYB.

Once approved as a head coach, you will receive a link to the Practice Schedule Request Form from your Player Agent.  Please fill this out promptly upon receipt to ensure our Scheduling Team has your request prior to the Coach's Meeting.

If you have any questions about the process, please email your appropriate Player Agent via the "Contact Us" link on the homepage of our website.

5-on-5 Head Coach Application

Head Coach Application for the 2023-2024 5-on-5 Season.

5-on-5 Assistant Coach Application

Assistant Coach Application for the 2023-2024 5-on-5 Season.