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How is the league organized?
The purpose of KYB is to provide a league for the youth in the Katy area to play basketball in an environment that promotes fun and learning. We have both Girls and Boys divisions and we provide competitive and recreational play according to skill level.                     

Boys: 1st; 2nd; 3rd; 4th; 5th; 6th; 7th and 8th (combined); 9th and 10th (combined) and 11th and 12th (combined).
Girls: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th; 5th and 6th (combined); and 7th and 8th (combined).                                                                                                               

How large is the league?
We expect in excess of 2,300 students to participate. There are 10 players per team, which means 230 teams/coaches. The ratio of boys to girls is approximately 2 to 1.

Who is eligible to play Katy Youth Basketball?
Eligibility to register for Katy Youth Basketball requires that all players must either:           

1) Attend a Katy ISD school.

2) Attend a private school or home school, but live in a primary residence within the Katy ISD attendance boundaries. or

3) Have a parent or guardian employed by Katy ISD (subject to verification)

Why is registration so early?
It is important that the league has enough time to conduct registration, tryouts, set league size, order uniforms, and arrange for adequate practice and game facilities for all teams.

What does my registration fee pay for?
Fees provide uniforms, referees, gym rental from KISD, trophies and awards, equipment purchases and equipment repair. (KYB has purchased many of the elementary scoreboards), professional accounting services, printing, postage, and advertisements, etc.

What if I need to pay by cash or check?
Our preference given logistics is for you to pay online via the online registration and payment process.  If this is not possible, please reach out via email to the Player Agent (see Contact Us page on the website for email address) assigned to your child's grade and coordinate time to pay by cash/check.  

How do I access the multi-child discount?                                          

To claim the multi-child discount, please input .. 2ndChild, 3rdChild or 4thChild ... as necessary in the Coupon field. To register more than four children from the same household, please contact your player agent.

Is there a fundraiser?
No. Revenues are generated via registration fees, sponsorships and gifts.

How are drafted teams formed?
Refer to our Draft FAQ for all of the details regarding KYB's draft divisions, draft tryouts, and how the draft process works: Tryouts-Faq

How are "non-drafted" teams formed?
All players who either in grades that do not have tryouts or choose not to try out or are not drafted will be assigned to teams by the Player Agents according to the following guidelines: Same grade and same school whenever possible. The availability of coaches and disparity of participation per school often create a necessity to build teams, which may consist of multiple schools. We will honor ALL requests to ensure that your child does not play for a coach you specifically want to avoid. These requests are kept in complete confidence and should be made via email to the Player Agent responsible for that division.  We cannot guarantee that any other requests will be honored.

How are 7th/8th grade and 9th/10th & 11th/12th grade teams formed?
Teams for these divisions will be formed only after junior high and high school basketball tryouts are completed. There will be no tryouts for these divisions.

When and where will practices and games be held?
All practices and games will be held at KISD facilities. Specific times and locations will be assigned to teams according to the limitations/availability of the coach. You may be required to travel across the district for practice. All regular season games will be played on Saturdays in January and February.

How are coaches selected?
Adults volunteer to coach or are recruited by our Player Agents. Each prospective coach completes an application and is screened by a Player Agent. Recommendations are made to the Board. Applicants who are approved by a majority of the Board are assigned to teams.

Junior high and high school players
We, as the Board of Directors of KYB have declared that kids who make their junior high or high school teams are NOT eligible to also play for KYB. We are taking this position in order provide the greatest opportunity for the youth of Katy to play in an organized basketball league.